Брендинг Веб-сайты Графический дизайн
1/6 The magic journey along the shores of Cote d’Azur with artists on board.
2/6 The moon and stars on the background of the Monaco night sky.
3/6 An artistic construction above the GALA RUSSE stage.
4/6 The universe in miniature on the facade of the GALA RUSSE building.
5/6 All the best whimsically gathered in a single world GALA RUSSE.
6/6 A star is falling in the sky over Monaco. Replica of the original engraving of the early 20th century, France.

The wonder panel for the homepage of GALA RUSSE website is almost alive. Loved to create it and even more excited to present it to the wide audience.

Do you like the details as much as we do? Tell us in comments what did you like the most.

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Art director @misha_izumov
Designers @misha_izyumov @anna_fidirko
3D visualization @m_izyumov